• The temperature resistance range of natural rubber

    under normal circumstances, the lowest temperature that rubber can withstand is about minus 200 degrees, and the highest temperature that can be tolerated is about 300 degrees. How much high temperature rubber can withstand is generally determined according to the material and filler of the rubbe...
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  • Temperature resistance range of silicone

    Ordinary Silicone can withstand high temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius. In a short period of time, such as within two hours, the highest temperature can reach about 350 degrees Celsius, which is often used for Silicone with special performance requirements.   Silicone is suita...
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  • Sealing rings-V-shaped U-shaped Y-shaped rubber seal

    The sealing ring is mainly used to seal the gas against oil, water and corrosion to prevent leakage. The role of various sealing rings: O-rings are mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing. When used for rotary motion seals, it is limited to low-speed rotary seals. The V-shaped se...
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  • What are the uses of silicone

    The processed products with Silicone as the main raw material are collectively referred to as Silicone products. Silicone material can be divided into ordinary grade, food grade, medical grade and special Silicone. Silicone has the characteristics of good toughness, high elasticity, and will not ...
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  • Our website is online.

    Our website is online.

    We began to engage in rubber & Plastic industry since 1998, factory was formally established in 2007, and changed its name to Shenzhen Anconn Rubber & Plastics Ind. Ltd. In 2015. We have 21 years of production experience in this industry.
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  • SolarTech-LED


    SolarTech-LED via Amazon offers a four-pack of Outdoor Solar LED Lights for $37.99 shipped when promo code VCTF2UDM is applied during checkout. As a comparison, it typically sells for $75 or so. This is the lowest price that we’ve tracked all-time by nearly $30. Simplify your outdoor lighting set...
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